Cycling Memes and Jokes

Charles’ Law in action. Those laws of physics. (Someone left a scuba tank in their car on a hot day. When it went, it blew out windows, of a rental car. The id10t tried to sue the dive shop. The judge reportedly laughed before he dismissed the suit)

Something that might work: I had something on the carpet in my car, tried to vacuum it up, and it didn’t work. It was in the nap pretty deep. What worked was using a hair brush that broke it up and actually brought it to the surface. The vacuum was then able to get it all, and it took a few minutes, and no rug shampoo/cleaner chemicals. It worked like magic. You could never tell it had happened. Weird…


Hoookay, I’ve just got my first tubeless bike and started driving it to a ride each week…

How hot in Celsius is risking this kind of damage? Tyres at 60-80psi.

Looks like high that day was 88 f so 31c. Black car black interior black tint, not sure how hot it got inside but there is a reason I opened the windows with the remote that day before getting in… And first thought a bird pooped in the open window when I saw the mess, then remembered I had just opened the windows.

They were set to 70psi the day before, I had planned to ride but it rained, so left bike in car to possibly ride the next day. I’m sure they bled down some but when I reached back to see how they felt in the morning they hadn’t lost too much.

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Depends how long the car is locked up too & which way it’s facing. On a day that topped out at 30°C I’ve measured 60°C inside a silver car with light tint left in the sun for most of the day. In the context of bicycle tyre pressures, it’s probably a 10% increase in pressure, given the percentage increase in temperature w.r.t zero kelvin. Next question: what about changes to the structural properties of wheels & tyres elevated to 60°C or more? I’m thinking about things like resin stability within the carbon layers.

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So much this, you’ve been wanting quit the whole time until that final set and then I stick on the (fitting to the meme) Doom Eternal sound track - The Only Thing They Fear is You.

Infinite power enabled :smiling_imp:


I enjoyed it. You gotta give people time. Not everyone logs in daily.

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from Phil Gaimon’s Strava



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(You ARE washing your bike too much!)

I’m not a “print a meme” type. BUT this now hangs on my office- er, cubicle wall.




The worst part is out of all my hobbies cycling is by far the closest to this number lol


There are other hobbies besides cycling??



Bike mechanic, cycling pundit, cycling training filer analyzer, bike forum expert (looking at you Chad), bike retail secret shopper (my fave), bike race consumer

I could go on for days


Scuba diving, cars, motorcycles, computers, travel (also a component of diving), marriage, etc…

I replaced my 15+ year old scuba gear. Kept thinking of what kind of bike I could buy with that money. Do I have a biking or money problem? They with the most toys wins?


255 has to be due to a programming error right? Like it just hit FF or 11111111?

Or did they mean week?

Must be week