Cycling Memes and Jokes

Same, but for me it was an owl. :crazy_face:


Haha! Maggies starting to swoop in Hawkes Bay now. They are the province’s mascot and our rugby team has black and white striped scrip. I have no problem with the swooping birds but a couple of my riding mates hate them. Gives me great opportunities to give them stick! …….” and Quardle oodle ardle wardle doodle
The magpies said.”
Well known NZ poem.


That’s some serious tire clearance on your bike :flushed:


Actually - Bauke Mollema had two encounters with birds last week :rofl:

The first encounter took place during a training ride:


Years ago a friend of mine had a cat run into his front wheel and get caught up in the spokes. It basically got lifted up and hit the fork sending my friend over the bars. We were in a paceline moving along at well over 20 MPH at the time. Wasn’t a pretty crash.

Did not end well for the cat either…

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Mine was between the wheels while descending at 40+ mph. I felt a slight bump as my rear wheel sliced off its tail. I slowed way down on the rest of the descend and let my friend take the lead.

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What do you call a bird that kicks your butt?

Steven Seagull.


Last weekend, 2 chipmunks crossed the single track trail right under my wheels as i was going downhill fast. One made it somehow and I heard the other hitting my rear rim with a little ding. I stopped and looked back and it wasn’t lying unconscious on the trail so it managed to get out - probably with a little skull concussion.

I have been chased by a peacock.

That’s all I’ve got. But those MFers can run!


Around here we get these bad boys (Western Capercaillie) out on the trails when it’s mating season.

Think of it as a 12 pound , bad tempered, horny chicken with no sense of scale (it believes itself to be much bigger than it is) and it firmly believes it owns the trail you’re on and it will. not. move.

And that beak, man. Dangerous stuff.


There is a meme here I think

They call an $1800, 10 speed deore, with mostly bontager components and 23 pounds weight “cheap thrills”

Maybe someone should tell them they can get a better spec bike for less… :man_shrugging:

Here you go @Jonathan. The meme you mentioned on the podcast about 2 weeks ago :crazy_face:

  • Considering the source (an automotive media site), bikes are a cheaper alternative, especially what amounts to a low-mid level bike in the range of pricing currently seen. Makes perfect sense to me when you look at the context.

Seems to be a bad product placement/advertisement…