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Does anyone here use Cycling Analytics as a way to track their training progress? I was thinking about dropping it in lieu of the new Calendar feature but I am a bit hesitant as I am familiar with CA and how to use the charts, etc. Am I missing something glaringly obvious when considering the dump?

If you use Cycling Analytics to track CTL, ATL and TSB you’ll be disappointed with what TrainerRoad offer at the moment.

This is probably one of two things that is keeping me using TrainingPeaks. The other is the time in zone chart.



Yeah, good point. I knew there was something that didn’t quite make me want to give up on CA. That’s exactly what I was overlooking. Sometimes it is too obvious to recognize.

I like the CA custom charting capability. I have an overlay chart of monthly TSS vs year and the time in zone charts, as mentioned, are good. Also, the monthly TSS trending in the traditional calendar view is useful.

Ditto, I’d happily pay my TP sub to TR if there was a PMC and charting facility.

The Podcasts & this forum are worth a fair bit of that alone.:grinning:


Listening the podcast about their new features, it seems like they are attempting to replicate TP. But I use plans outside of TR and import the ride profiles, which I confirmed TR won’t be doing for some time if ever. The PMC and other analytics, especially aerobic decoupling, really help me find my weakness and track progress. TSS just isn’t enough for the data driven athlete. And for those motivated by data, which is part of my daily job, there is no substitute though WKO is even more data rich and Golden Cheetah is similar. But I think TP is really the right balance for the masses.

I have looked at CA and tinkered with it but it hasn’t proved to be a good part of my workflow. I have an account though so will tinker again as they have some improvements.

I use an excel spreadsheet as my PMC and training load tracker.

TR does give you time in zone… but only for a given ride (not multiple grouped rides…). Hopefully this comes soon.

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I have my own PMC spreadsheet, but one thing I seem to be seeing is that doing SSB my fitness seems to be staying pretty static. Is this normal or just a base thing?

Date Daily TSS Fatigue (ATL) Fitness (CTL) Form (TSB)

5/11/2018 82 58.02 59.59 1.57
6/11/2018 20 52.96 60.12 7.16
7/11/2018 68 54.96 59.18 4.21
8/11/2018 47.65 59.38 11.74
9/11/2018 104 55.15 57.99 2.84
10/11/2018 51 54.60 59.07 4.47
11/11/2018 114 62.50 58.88 -3.62