Feature Request-Power Profile Curve and Power Duration/Strength Weakness Charts

To anyone at TrainRoad,

One of the main reasons I’m still holding on to TrainingPeaks WKO+4 is the analytics. Specifically, I find their Power Profile Pack and PD Curve profile S&W (Power duration strength and weakness) chart very beneficial. Having used power for over ten years I inherently know my relative strengths and weaknesses and therefore try to train accordingly. But with this level of analytics the ability to narrow down to the second where you are average, below or above is useful. If you came up with a similar graph I really think users here would benefit and love it.

So, any plans to develop 1) a power profile curve 2) something like the PD Curve S&W chart?

Best Regards!


Agreed. This would be really useful and give us a one stop shop for our cycling analytics. Would be interested if that also included CTL, ATL and TSB.

I believe that they have said they dont currently see a reason to have a CT, ATL and TSB chart since if you are following a training plan that should be taken care of for you.

However I would like to see some more analytics like you mentioned, especially since I dont always follow the plan exactly having something like a performance management chart could be useful in balancing outdoor/group rides with the overall stress of the plan I am following.

I know they are working on some big data stuff that details of are being kept very hush hush so hopefully we see something analytics wise come out of that.

Out of interest I wonder how many subscribers actually follow plans. I bet it is less than 30%.

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I forgot about this post. I’ve actually changed my views on this. I don’t feel right about editing the op so I’ll leave it. Just wanted to update my feeling on this since it was brought up. If TR did implement great but, it’s almost not relevant data.

Now that I’ve used the product for a while they have a PD curve which is cool. The S&W chart which is where I was really interested in seeing implemented, while cool, is not probably necessary. I mean for those that are working on different weaknesses probably know what they need to work on.

Also, I’ve come to understand that while I’m pretty average across the board on the PD curve or a W/Kg chart, I’m good at hitting relatively good numbers late in the game. So while it’s good to train the entire curve to the right and work on limiters etc…that endurance or ability to be a player late is more important.

I think we will learn more about “compliance” as it seems to be a recurring topic from the TR crew.

I too would be interested in seeing some plan compliance stats. I know personally as soon as the weather becomes nice my motivation to stay on plan basically dissapears, hopefully this year will be different as I know structured training gives me far greater improvements than my outdoor rides.