Is it worth using TrainingPeaks with TrainerRoad and Garmin Connect

I am mad with numbers, graphs, hardware and software in sport.
Now i am trying to add TrainerRoad SSP LW1 to my Running training plan(have a running coach).
I am interested if i will get some usefull data from TrainingPeaks if i have already have TrainerRoad and Garmin Connect(945fr and 530edge) ?
Is it worth trying TrainingPeaks or Not?

If you love analysis then I’d recommend importing all your data into Golden Cheetah :slight_smile:

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For me, TP is where all my training comes together. I’d love to cancel my subscription, but until TR comes up with a way to easily use the calendar to plan and track all training/TSS, I’ll be using both.
I never found much value from Garmin Connect beyond using it as a pass through to connect all my apps.


One software that I was not able to make it work properly on my Mac. Resolution sucks, UI is complicated but love CP concept. explanations are so scientific, I am a cyclist :). Of course these are my experiences.

I think TP has a very nice and clean UI. I am premium member with TP but as soon as it ends, I will buy WKO instead of paying yearly subscription fees.

On the other hand, if you are good in excel and math, you can prepare a template where you can have all that information within your control.

As mentioned above, I use TP also as my training hub. I love the way they present the calendar with all those colors where you want to keep it green all time. It is kind of a motivator for me.



i installed it twice on my Mac and it looked so complicated. maybe i need to give one more chance to Golden Cheetah

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you are not alone :slight_smile:

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I think the biggest disadvantage of GC is that it does not have a mobile app and I usually travel with only phone/ipad. For that reason alone i’m thinking to get TP although it is quite expensive for what it is in my opinion. When on the road I am usually only having a look at CTL, ATL, TSB and maybe some metrics of my last ride (max values, best 1min,5min,20min,60min power etc).

I am currently trying to write a small that calculates these values and puts them on a website, but the hardest part seems to be to find a clean way to access the activity files from trainerroad/garmin connect/strava. The best way I have so far is to sync the files to dropbox and parse them from there…


For ATL CTL and TSB the only thing you need is TSS values.

For other you can write a small script which can read from fit file

I know, how to calculate each of these is kind of clear and I already have code for it. The hard part seems to be to streamline automatically getting the fit or tcx files from the respective apps/sites… If you have any idea regarding that I would be grateful…

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I use training peaks every single day. That’s .33 cents a day (US). I hate spending the $120, but when you break it down, it’s pretty cheap. I definitely couldn’t write my own replacement for $120 worth of my time.

Tapiriik can sync ride files from various sources to Dropbox

cannot connect garmin connect via Tapiriik

Thanks this is great. It is even open source and it already does some things I wrote code for (fetching and parsing from TrainerRoad).

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