CycleOps Fluid 2 - correct tension

Just recently signed up for TR and love planning my training so far. This is my first foray into indoor training so I may need a little help with equipment setup. I purchased a CycleOps Fluid 2 and set the wheel tension to 2.5 turns past wheel touching roller. I then started SSB1 LV with the ramp test and 1 other workout so far (1st week).

I just now read I was supposed to turn the tension knob until the clutch “clicked”. I did this and it took about 2 more turns of the knob. Would this affect accuracy enough that I should restart my SSB program and do the ramp test over again?

Thanks for the help.

Assuming you are using Virtual Power… Yes, it will most likely affect your prior results.

Setting consistent tire pressure and roller pressure against the tire are the most important setup steps in getting Virtual Power to work as intended.

It is best to redo your ramp test with the proper setup steps.

Yes using virtual power at this point. I will restart my program with the new roller pressure. Good thing I was only 1 workout in! :slight_smile: Thank you for the response.

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Or I suppose I could just re-do the ramp test tomorrow and retain the current plan. Will TR adjust the workouts as necessary moving forward using the new FTP?

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Yes, just retest and take the new FTP value. The workouts are always scaled by the FTP in your account settings at the time you launch the workout.

No need to redo the plan.


@jasonp22 Thanks for posting this! I’m in the exact same boat; same trainer, same number of rides and had the same set up (2.5 turns after contact). Looks like it is time to re-ramp.