CycleOps Wind bike setup

First off, this forum has been incredibly helpful and glad it is moved here from the facebook group. Want to preface this with the fact that I understand virtual power is for training and the true number is irrelevant.

My question is about how much pressure should my CycleOps Wind trainer be exerting on my rear tire. I first started questioning that it may be too tight after my last race – CDA 70.3. Everybody says virtual power is much higher than power meter FTP, however, best bike split said I would have had to hold 30W more than my TR FTP for the duration of the race to finish in the time I did.

I’ve also begun to notice more treadwear on the trainer. That brings me to my question, when I’m setting this up, how much pressure should the trainer exert on my rear wheel? I’m concerned that I am overtightening and will damage either my bike or trainer. Normally, I would adjust it immediately, but my next FTP test is in 3 weeks and I don’t want to ruin the rest of my SSB plan.

Thanks all

Trying to compare a VirtualPower FTP to a BestBikeSplit estimation/prediction is a losing game, since nothing short of an actual power meter will be able to measure your power exactly. However, as I’m sure you’ve heard it said, consistency is the key to training. You’re right to not make any changes before you finish up your plan and can re-test your FTP.

As far as the trainer tension goes, we recommend starting with a tire inflated to 100psi, then tightening the trainer roller a few turns past where it makes contact with your tire. Again, I can’t say what exact tension will provide the closest estimate of power, but we just want to keep that pressure consistent. Over-tightening it won’t cause any damage to your bike further than just wearing out your tire more quickly.

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