Ramp Test results sanity check

I’m wondering if these gains post SSBLV1 are even realistic or something is waaaayy off and I should think about ramp testing again. I spent most of 2020 injured because of some super fun perineal pain and numbness. After I found the right physical therapist and did that for a bit I was able to start riding outdoors again in Oct. Eventually I switched from a trainer to rollers and was able to train indoors again too.

I bought Tacx Galaxia rollers which are basically just Tacx Antares with some fancy rockers. So used that as my virtual power settings, made sure my speedo (and TP) had correctly configured tire circumference and to always dial in tire pressure prior to riding. The first week of Jan I started SSBLV1 with an FTP of 151 confirmed with two ramp tests. I finished SSBLV1 and to celebrate bought myself a Quarq Dub spider.

Yesterday I did the self zero/calibration thing on the Quarq (cranks at 12 and 6) and tested which gave me a result of 214.

So let’s say my previous results were off by 20% due to Virtual Power not being as dialed in and my FTP was actually closer to 180. That’s still close to a 20% gain in FTP. I’ve been doing light strength training and eating significantly better during SSBLV1 but this just seems too good to be true. The test itself felt “right”, at about 28 mins I started to feel like I could barely hold on and was just barely able to make it to the 30 minute marker. Came off the bike feeling like one does after a good cyclocross race, except less muddy.

Is this kind of gain normal? I’m really not trying to humble brag here, more concerned something is totally off with my Quarq :thinking:

See how the next few workouts go. If you can get through them then it’s about right.

Just use the PM as your new one truth and go with that.


You’ve used 2 different measuring methods. Don’t compare them


Think you are taking a risk comparing virtual power with a proper power meter. If you want to compare, run the virtual power alongside your quarq, using a head unit for your quarq.


As mentioned, ignore the past with virtual power. It is not practical to compare it to any other device.

Start a new Season in your TR career, and move forward. Forget VP and live with Real Power now.




A 30min ramp test (at the point of exhaustion) is super long.

Keep in mind that making it to 19:30 is your break even point. 10.5mins more says to me your virtual power “number” started you really low on the ramp.

Future ramp tests should be more in line now that you have a reliable power source. Hit the reset button.


Excellent! I’ll just pretend the virtual pauper power never happened :rofl:, get through this weeks workouts and re-asses next week unless things feel completely off.


If you read around the forum there are loads of posts where folks have changed trainers or power meters and question the figures.
Go with the one most accurate truth which in your case is the PM.
I’ve used four “truths” during my TR periods including wheel on, rollers and PM and two direct drive trainers.
Each time you change just ignore the previous number take a ramp test and train to the new number. We get so hung up on that figure etc - it’s there to anchor your training.
Let us know how you get on. :+1:t2:

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Made it through Ebbets on Tuesday (day after test) and that was totally fine. Work got crazy so I didnt get a ride in until today. Fortunately it was sunny so I bundled and went outside with my fancy new power meter. NP on that ride was 216 and my FTP is at 214. I can stand and don’t have the urge to somehow eat all the food in my fridge while taking a nap. So the suggestion to retest is probably the best one :blush:.