CX, Road Enduro, Block Periodization, Heart Rate & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 176

Whoa these episode notes are amazing. Only way to watch the podcast going forward.


@Nate_Pearson Love the Work Out suggestions! Please include more examples each week going forward as I can just add them to my calendar!

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Thanks @Ian - I was indeed referring to 175. I still don’t see it but will figure out an alternative way to listen for now. Thanks much.

No problem! I went ahead and found the episode on both platforms (iTunes and Spotify) so I’m not quite sure what is happening on your end… Are you trying to find them in a web browser or in the apps?

These episode notes are fantastic. Thanks guys!

Is it possible to trim the silence from the beginning? I usually queue it up in the car and it’s difficult to find the actual start of the video and drive.

We trim it as soon as the broadcast is over. We then have to wait for YouTube to reprocess which can take hours.

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Ahh that explains it! I’ve been listening sooner than usual this week ( on vacation )!


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Hey team.
I’ll be coming to Kona so will be joining you for some riding for sure.
Also I’m a Tri Coach and I have a couple of athletes racing IM Kona ( Jason Schoeman and Dave McLoughlin). Both are TrainerRoad uses and have been slamming the workouts through this miserable New Zealand winter.
Now the serious stuff…which bike shall I bring? My retro 2002 SWorks Allez Cippolini signature World Champs paint job or my super quick brand new Venge Disc? Obviously this is a difficult decision to make, retro is rad and cool, but aero and light is sooo sweet.

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Jonathan and I will be on the new venge disc, so you can match us!!!

These notes are a fantastic step up in support. Thank you very much.


I too am anxiously waiting for some discussion on polarized training. I was planning to switch to a polarized plan of some sorts and really want to remain using the TR platform.


Well that’s settled, I certainly don’t want to be the odd one out.

See you there!

Bike riding doesn’t get easier - you get faster :neutral_face:

FWIW, I’ll be the doing the race-start/race-winner workouts, like Xalibu and Augusta outdoors. From a standstill with my foot down, to practise that clip-in and sprint.

This is fantastic! Thanks for all the info in one simple place.

Couple of things, first love the podcast and love these notes, they are a real asset. Is it possible to add time references to the notes so we can find more easily the relevant section in the podcast to listen to again?
Second, regarding the declines in aerobic capacity, I imagine the decline rates must change with the ageing process - I know for myself the decline in high end performance decreases much more rapidly (and is harder to get back) the older I get.
Keep up the great work!

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Hey there Nick!

Time stamps are available in the Youtube description along with the SoundClound recording for the topics covered in each episode. That said, I will start hyperlinking each topic to the time stamp in the YouTube Video so it’s easily accessible after the live stream is ended. :slight_smile:

As for declining aerobic capacity, yes age can play a role in this but there really isn’t anything you can do about it. The most important thing to consider as an aging athlete is if you are getting enough recovery. You can check out our blog post on How Aging Athletes Can Get Faster if you want more information on how to jump the hurdles that come along with age.

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Thanks for the info on the time stamps. I listen on Spotify so I wasn’t aware of that on the youtube feed, thanks!
Regarding the declines in capacity, I wasn’t quite clear in my comment, sorry - I was referring to the short term decline without training and training residuals lists you posted and discussed in the podcast, ie sprint power has remains for 2-8 days etc and 1-7 days negligible decrease in aerobic capacity - those numbers I believe decrease with age.
However regarding decrease in capacity with age, this is a good graph I received on a course from Stanford a few years ago…

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