Group workout future roadmap

Did post this under Group workout code sharing but deleted as didn’t want to any possible discussion there… so have created this thread and @mcneese.chad please feel free to move to another area if I’ve thrown it in the wrong place, or if some similar already exists.

I’d be more likely to join a group workout if there was better visibility, don’t get me wrong the group Workout code sharing thread is a great idea/start and also recent calendar exports but there is always room for improvement and maybe this is part of that Roadmap to a better system? Do we know of any plans by TR to create an Event type scrollable list, similar to the one you get in Zwift.

Would love to fire up Trainerroad, see what people have planned in next 30 minutes and maybe join a session or if nothing suitable found, create my own for others to join. Not unlike multiple player gaming rooms.

I’m sure they have something in the pipeline/roadmap, maybe it’s been mentioned and I haven’t come across it yet…?


I’ve only heard general comments that they have plans for something better than what we started with (the forum thread mentioned) and the recent improvement in scheduling and sharing.

I do expect some form of shared calendar or schedule, but don’t know what or when we might see anything more.

My uneducated guess is that they are shooting for a Fall 2020 release (October? ). It makes sense from a renewed use case with a typical training calendar view (even in this messy year) and is what they had originally planned before Covid blew up the world.

Remember that they said the extraordinary situation lead them to push up the GW work and give us a very early release to what we would not have even see in a “normal” year.

They seem solidly behind the concept and keep pushing it. So I expect they will get us some more useful tools to make even better use of GW in the near future.


open (simply join if there is a slot available) or private (on invite only) group workouts sounds like a logical next step.

Personally I would like to have this on mobile… I have a nice setup with a tv for YT/Netflix, and my phone with TR with a garmin mount sticker on my bars, but for a goup workout I need to improvise some stand for my laptop, which is not convenient. I’m sure it’s more difficult to get 11 people on a small screen + the workout interface, but ms teams works fine with bigger groups.

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