How to Find Participants for Group Workouts

I have subscribed to TrainerRoad for many years, but have yet to try group workouts. I am anxious to do so, and can see how it might be beneficial for those workouts requiring a little extra incentive – like FTP tests! The problem is that I haven’t figured out how to find people to invite to the workout. I don’t know any riders who subscribe to TrainerRoad, consequently I have no one to invite. I’m wondering whether TrainerRoad has a mechanism by which I could advertise a planned group workout and invite others to join. Perhaps there’s a classified ad section or a waiting room for group workouts, where members can solicit participants, or join group workouts.

There is not currently any built in method to easily find Group Workouts. The thread below is the stopgap method that can be used to share or find workouts for now.