Problems with calendar sync on app on computer for group workouts

Hi there… I have been using the group workout feature for doing virtual trianing with folks and love it. But the difficulty with this is the fact I will load a workout onto the calendar on my computer ( app not web) and generate a code and then share the code with folks to RSVP. They click on the link it adds to their calendar and then they go to join my class in a few days and the workout is gone.

Anyone else using this feature? Is there a way to schedule group workouts on the web based version of the calendar and then generate a code? I can just have them enter the workout via the last six digit code instead of rsvp link…

Hoping you all could make this a bit easier as this is a very tedious process and takes a lot of time but otherwise the group workout feature is a game changer in my mind…as I love doing live workouts with my coaching clients and friends… I have set up a website for the workouts if anyone is interested check it out.

Virtual Workouts Website

Hey! Sorry to hear about this, I think its best to reach out to support in this instance (, as once an athlete RSVPs and adds the workout to their calendar, it shouldn’t disappear. It should remain on their calendar unless they explicitly deleted the workout off of their calendar, so something may be amiss. The team will gladly take a look!