Cryo-therapy Experience

So this week I got to experience a cryotherapy ‘tank’ where I spent 3 mins at -140 celcius (whole body apart from head). My hands and feet had gloves/socks on to protect extremities.

I chose to go in after a hard training session although it’s cited that it has benefits before training also. I am the middle of CX season so recovery is top of my agenda.

As far as explaining how it felt - the first 2 mins were like being on the start line of a race in winter in just your skinsuit! Although unusually my core stayed warm and I felt my legs then arms go cold. The final minute it did feel a lot colder and the final 30 secs I could feel my legs trembling a little. As soon as you come out you warm up and your skin isn’t cold to touch.

As far as benefits - one session isn’t really enough but I would say I definitely felt a ‘high’ afterwards. My training the following days has been excellent and my sleep very good for 2-3 nights following. All of the above could be the cryo or they could be due to the fact I had a rest week 5 days earlier and I just happen to be coming into some form.

I think to really track the benefit I would have to be going each week but it is still quite expensive here in the UK (circa. £50 per session).

I wondered if anyone else had experienced cryo short or long term? I can’t really find a lot of research on the topic.