Training in the cold

Hi all

Just after some advice from those that train in the cold. This will be my first winter on TR, just done a workout in my garage and its 5 degrees C. My knees hurt mid way for the first time, had to get off and walk it off for a minute. Got back on and angled my fans more at my face than on my legs and this seemed to help.

Just wanted to know if anyone has any tips for training when its cold.


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Its not that cold in NorCal, however I put on knee warmers when outside temps drop below 50 and I open garage door.


More clothes and heaters usually work well😂

I was thinking heaters, but my top half was on fire as per usual.

Knee warmers FTW

I struggle with my knees when it’s really cold so will tend to start trainer workouts with an extended warm up wearing knee warmers. They will then either come off or stay on depending on how things are feeling.
Also, even when it’s really cold I’ll still have a fan going, but I’ll have sure that it is angled so that it cools my body rather than my legs

I will start with leg warmers and a warm top. I have even started with my winter jacket and wool stocking cap on. Then take things off as I warm up.

One big suggestion: Bring the shoes inside so they are not cold when you put them on. BIG difference on the toes!

Thought I heard a good rule is below 15 C (60 F) wear knee warmers, below 10 C (50 F) wear leg warmers. Reason being cold muscle fibers are more easily damaged.

I pretty much do that for outdoor rides. I think the key is for the fan not to be aiming at the legs.