Cold Shower = beneficial?

Curious if there’s any truth to this.

I used cold showers when I ran to reduce joint pain - don’t bother now I just ride!

Mind the shrinkage.

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Athletes were/are doing it under the belief it would help recovery, but it’s not true.


If it works as a placebo and makes you feel better or faster, than go for it. Otherwise don’t worry about it.

I always found it useful which is all I needed to know…don’t care about the effects it has on others!

Navy SEAL training ≠ Cat. 4 training.


There’s no scientific benefit to it whatsoever. Like stretching if you enjoy it, do it.

There’s actually evidence out there to suggest that it’s detrimental to adaptation.

Stretching is another can of worms - but again when I ran - when I did it I didn’t get injured ……when I didn’t I did - Simples!

I remember listening to a podcast with Dr Andy Galpin talking about adaptation and cold showers and they saw it may have a detrimental effect on muscle gain/ strength gains but again may have positive effect for mitochondrial adaptations. I’ve always liked them as a way to kind of calm down after a hard ride.

Tons of study show how useful they can be. Reduced inflammation, mental awareness and the ability to help turn white fat into brown fat. A few videos

It shrinks ?

Depends what else you do in the shower.