CRUSHED my FTP test today


crap, this is going to suck. :slight_smile:


Awesome work!! Glad all the hard work has been paying off :muscle: :boom:

Nice work! I’m testing tomorrow coming off SSB1&2. Expecting a similar outcome. My saving grace is that I start Half distance tri base and it’s not too heavy the first few weeks.

Nice one. Details please. From what to what and which plan are you on

I attempted an Ironman in 2017 (It was my third IM, but first since my wife and I had kids 7 years before) and it was kind of a disaster. My FTP at that point was about 210. My wife said that I needed to try again. We ended up buying a new house and I did NOTHING for a year. Buying/Selling turned out to be all encompassing. I am a dude and 5’11" In August 2018 I was 275 lbs…oops. :wink: I tested and my FTP was 150. Ugh. I started out in August of just doing 30 min easy spins…think 30 min of Petit or Bald Knob. After a few weeks of that, I Started SSBI Low Volume. I moved on to SSBII Low. I then did SSBI and II Medium volume. My last FTP test had me at 200, today I am up to 219. I’m down to 208 lbs. I’m starting Full Distance Medium volume.

I’ve never really FULLY committed to improving the bike. TR has been amazing for me.