Creative ways to use the TR calendar

The TR calendar is awesome and has bettered the efficiency of my programming. I like to play around with the annotations to indicate strength training cycles, diet changes and other training elements. I also started to add links of articles or videos in the description part of some annotations: for instance information about strength training for a certain block. This can be podcasts or blog posts or pdf’s.

What are some creative ways that you use the TR calendar?


I have found it hard to quickly scroll through the calendar and find the start of Phases just by looking for the default annotation that is provided, so I insert an annotation (ex: TBMV Phase I) on the start day, choose a color, and set the end date for the end of the first week. This provides an obvious colored line across the entire calendar at the beginning of each Phase.

Let me know if someone has an easier way, but certainly makes it easier for quick scrolling for me.

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