FYI - Annotations

I was today years old when I found this out.

I started feeling under the weather on Wednesday felt worse today, and I was going to delete the workouts, but found there was an “illness” option under annotations that removes those workouts from your calendar and adjusts the training plan. Pretty slick TR!


And now TR remembers which colour you use for each “annotation”. So, as long as you remember to change colours for other notes, you can look back and scan for orange (or whatever) in the future.


That’s pretty nifty. I’m not sure I’m at the stage where I’m dissecting my workouts like that l, but that’s good to know.

For anyone else new to them, here is the official TR support article:


Pretty slick TR!

We think so too!!:boom:

Glad you are finding the annotations helpful though. I find them suuuuper helpful when looking ahead to my next season.

Being able to visually reflect on a previous season to see how healthy you were and how much time you had to take off the bike due to sickness can be hugely informative.

What can be measured, can be improved!:muscle:


What can be measured, can be improved!

“What is not measured, can not be improved.”

It’s not clear how you’d go about ‘improving’ the speed of sound, for example.

(Though the original quote isn’t entirely true either - you can improve things that aren’t measured… …you just won’t know when you’ve done it.)

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