Crashed and burned a REST WEEK ride due to underfueling... note to self!

Wow! I was patting myself on the back yesterday about how well I ate, no refined carbohydrates, lots of veggies, no snacking. (I’m trying to lose a few % body fat). Then, this morning, I had the first workout of a rest week - Beech - and couldn’t finish.

I was COMPLETELY underfed I believe. Or more specifically, under-carb-ed. Whoops!

Note to self, and word to the wise, make sure you’re eating enough to fuel your workouts. (didn’t we just hear them talking with Amber about that on the podcast? LOL!)
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Yep, that will happen. Gotta fuel!

Man, eating healthy sometimes means having to eat more. I’m big on those bags of frozen veggies, but when I go to have a bowl full of them, I’m disappointed that for all my efforts I’m only getting 240 calories. :disappointed: Meanwhile, those delicious frozen lasagnas can be less volume but have ~900 calories!! What gives!

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I just think of it the same as TR. The lasagna is focused calories like 1hr on the trainer is focused work.

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Haha, I love that analogy!! :joy: