Cramming for mountain riding

Hi everybody

I’m extremely lucky to be heading to the French Alps in 3 weeks but haven’t been following a specific plan. My question is, should I focus on cramming sweet spot sessions for the period until I go as that most likely represents the type of riding I’ll be doing? Or, is there value in still doing some threshold and vo2 max work?

By background I did an Ironman at the end of June and have just been maintaining with 2-4 trainer rides since. I also have a half marathon this weekend which I’ve dedicated quite a bit of time too.

Any and all opinions welcome

Cheers :beers:

Cramming for any type of training is usually a bad idea. The body needs time to adapt to the training load. Sweetspot sessions until departure will just leave you too tired to enjoy the holidays.

Wih three weeks to go, you could do something to get your short power up (sprints), but not much with regards to ftp. Whether or not that’d help your riding, no idea.

You don’t say what type of riding you’re going to do in the Alps. But to be honest, with another race this weekend, I’d focus more on recovery than adding extra training.

Also is this going to be technical mountain biking, but you’ve recently done mostly TT/triathlon? In that case, I’d focus on getting the mtb out, and getting comfortable with off-road riding again more than anything.