COVID Vaccine Shots and Training

Hi Wasket, we had the Moderna two weeks ago and my wife developed a rash where she had the injection. She still has it but quite localised and mild.

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37, M, 2nd Pfizer vaccine done 24 hours ago. Haven’t skipped a beat woke up this morning did a scheduled endurance ride. It is a rest week so not much intensity on my plan and seemed to work perfectly. After the shot yesterday I did a gym session, might’ve felt a little bit groggy and lightheaded. Then again I could argue I feel that way somedays anyways.

If anything drastic happens I will edit this post. :crossed_fingers:

Well here is the edit the second night I slept like shit tried to do a opener work out and was way harder than normal. Other than being fatigued I feel fine

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As I said in the stand alone post, I’m in the same boat 4 weeks out from Moderna. My readiness has been poor, resting heart rate has been high and HRV has been low. I’m monitoring it. Not real confident there is no correlation. Hopefully it goes away soon. I feel more fatigued, but it’s subtle.

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FWIW here are the tables of “Local Reactions, Systemic Reactions, Adverse Events, and Serious Adverse Events” compiled from the original FDA briefing docs:




You got Moderna, and redness after 1st dose was 3% (severe .3%), and after 2nd dose was 9% (severe 2%). At least in the original study to gain emergency use authorization.


Male, 31


Shot 1 4/4 : Sore arem for a couple days, no inturruption to training, had a pretty hard training week and felt fine.

Shot 2 5/3: This one knocked me on my butt. Arm hurt much worse the day of this time, woke up with flu like symptoms the next day: lightheaded, chills, exhausted. It got bad enough that I left work early and took a 4 hour nap before sleeping through the night. Two days after the shot and I feel much better, still a bit tired, Resting Heart rate is slightly elevated but I had my biggest week of the season last week so that doesn’t help. Gonna do a spirited group MTB ride tonight and see how it goes!

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AZ update - first shot on Sunday afternoon. Monday I was a bit lethargic but otherwise ok. Tuesday I felt pretty normal but had a second rest day anyway. Today I was back on the bike on a hilly club ride and had no issues whatsoever.

2nd Pfizer shot yesterday afternoon. Injection was more uncomfortable than the first, but nothing terrible. Shoulder soreness for the rest of the day and maybe felt a bit tired with some brain fog.

Aside from the same shoulder soreness and tiredness, I felt fine after waking up this morning. 3 hours later (about 18 hours post-shot), chills started to develop. An hour later (19 hours post-shot) minor body aches and headaches accompanied the chills. By mid-afternoon (24 hours post-shot), I had a mild fever. Overall feels like a mild illness without the sniffling and respiratory symptoms.

Needless to say, I punted my scheduled Baxter workout and plan to rest and get plenty of sleep. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

I (42 M) had my second Pfizer at 4pm and felt fine the next morning and did a hard zwift ride at 5am. At 8am the chills / fever / aches kicked in, similar to you. Lasted about 2 full days for me. I just turned that week into a rest week and pushed my planned workouts out a week.

Its been 3 weeks and I have had good performances since then but I feel like my recovery is not quite what it was before the shot. Hoping things get back to normal soon.

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I’m wrecked. Second moderna shot. This is the worst I’ve felt in the last 20 years. I don’t get sick ever. This is insane.

RHR 85
Garmin Stress Score 84 (inverse HRV)
Slept 1 hour last night
Chills, body/head aches, mild fever

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AZN vaccine on 5 May, 9:45. By the following morning, I had a temperature of 39.1 degree Centigrade, measured using a Braun digital thermometer in the ear. Was like I had a massive hangover and felt very sick when I moved around, so I spent the day in bed. Last night, I woke up with massive sweats, bedding was saturated with sweat. I think I had Covid last March. Today, my upper body is tingling to the touch.

Definitely wont be getting in the car or doing any riding for a couple of days yet.

First Moderna shot was yesterday morning. Age 53, male. Twenty-four hours after the shot, the was and remains significantly less sore — minimal, in fact, and easy to forget — than after a traditional flu shot. Yesterday afternoon, I did have a slight headache of the kind that preceded a flu, but it never became more than annoying.

The advice here — Switzerland — is to rest a couple / few days after the shot to let the body do its thing. With that in mind, I loaded my training through yesterday morning and trained through a recovery week. My quads weren’t happy. So with the shot yesterday and the weather turning to crap (high winds and rain), my plan on a post-shot mini-recovery is not a hard to follow. I’ll ease back into it Saturday, as I would after any rest. Sunday is supposed to be superb — clear skies, warm weather — but it’s Mother’s Day so brunch etc will (happily and joyfully) alter and reduce any time in the saddle.

I had my 2nd dose of Pfizer on a Sunday heading into a rest week as planned.

Side effects had been largely the same as before, chills, muscle aches, major fatigue, and fogginess, maybe a bit more intense. I just completely veg’d out the following Monday and started to clear up by the evening.

Again not 100% by Tuesday, but good enough to get on the bike, and by Wednesday I felt back to normal. A full week later I went out for a familiar local loop and ended up setting quite a few PRs.

Day 2 - Not quite fully recovered but woke up feeling A LOT better.

Got a full night of sleep
Garmin Stress Score = 61
Resting Heart Rate = 65


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Moderna 2 yesterday. Got it in the same arm at the rec of a few others and so far its a lot less sore.

I hydrated a lot yesterday, went on a short hike, but otherwise took it easy. No chills or fever last night. I’m definitely tired today, but not as wiped out as number 1.

So far not too bad, but fingers crossed it continues to be manageable.

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Went to bed early that night. Woke up the next day with all of these symptoms gone aside from some lingering fatigue. Did Baxter -2 later that night with no issues (average cadence 1-2RPM but I’ll chalk it up to being off the bike >3 days).

Picked a higher intensity workout to do this morning with some adequate (read: long) recovery between intervals. Vandever (4x4 112-114% of FTP) came up on TrainNow and I did it without any issues to note.

Moderna #2 wrecked me. Started feeling a little weird about 8 hours after the shot at 6pm. By 8pm full on chills, body aches, very sore arm, poor sleep, and a wicked headache that just doesn’t want to go away. Luckily chills and fever like symptoms were gone the next day but still very tired with a headache and uncomfortable. Day 3 woke up as if nothing had happened after sweating through the sheets that night. Day 4 a little tired and a headache but could be unrelated. Feel basically fine now and went for a light spin yesterday with no issues.

The first shot was just a mildly sore arm for a few days so this second one was quite a surprise.

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Seems Moderna is worse shot#2.
I had the 2nd Astra Zeneca last week, no ill effects, just a slightly wuzzy head for a couple of hours.
But the first one was bad , but trained through it and took twice as long to recover

M39 got my first jab of Moderna yesterday and still only dealing with a sore arm - - same with my wife who got hers the day before me. Not looking forward to the more likely 2nd jab side effects, but that’s probably about 3 months away at this point.