2nd COVID Shot Fatigue

I had my 2nd COVID shot (Maderna) three days ago. I had minor effects from the 2nd shot. I was a little achey in my joints for a few hours and was a little tired. After 36 hours, I was feeling back to normal. Out of precaution, I suspended my workouts for three days following the 2nd shot.

Today I had my first interval training, Ansel Adams +4 (50 sec intervals). I got three intervals into the workout and was overcome by fatigue and had to quit. I have never quit a workout. At times I have dropped the intensity, but never had to quit. I have felt fine for the past few days. I even felt good going into the workout. My body felt normal until I began exerting myself.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this onset of workout fatigue after their 2nd COVID shot?

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