COVID enforced break recovery

Hi Team

So, daughter gave me COVID (thanks love). I’m 7 days in and thankfully have not been dreadfully unwell (no SOB etc) though have had awful flu-like Sx. I guess I have the vaccine to thank for that and perhaps some baseline fitness. I am going to heed the advice to not overdo it during recovery and take it very very easy to start with.

My question is really about enforced breaks from training. Having worked so so hard to improve my fitness and cycling ability over 3 or so years (and especially the last 18-24 months) I really don’t want it to backslide. I know an enforced break will set me back and I know I’m going to have to work to get to where I was but I guess my query is how much?

Will all that effort over the last 2y count for something so that I’ll get back to where I was quicker or does that precipitous drop in ‘fitness’ I see on the charts essentially take me back to where I was 2y ago and I need to basically start again. It’s the thought of getting back to square one that I find most depressing…

Cheer me up!



You can expect a few rides elevated HR after taking some time off regardless of any other factors. Not sure how COVID or the vaccine will play into that as some have reported feeling off after Covid, some feeling off after the vax, and some feeling nothing at all, but you’re certainly not going to lose all your fitness, just be mentally prepared to feel a bit off for a few days once you’re back

So I can’t say how the COVID part of the break will impact this (and that’s a big part) but for just a normal 2-3 weeks off you wouldn’t see much drop in fitness. It would take maybe a week or 2 to get back to where you were. Being sick would dig that hole a bit deeper so it would take maybe twice that time as long as you don’t get some of those lingering COVID effects.

Not much, don’t worry about it.

Took me maybe a month to get back after breaking my foot. Maybe about the same amount of time after my car accident this year.

Don’t worry about it.

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Cheers guys. That’s reassuring: not gonna rush back, though am itching to as soon as I can end self isolation (I’m hiding in one room of the house to save me from passing it onto the rest of the family)

I think the answer cannot be generalized. Some folks are experiencing a rise in HR and/or drops in FTP that persist. Time will tell for each individual but go back like you would if you were out for anything. Start with reduced volumes and efforts and feel your way back. You are the best determiner not us.

I tested positive in August and came out of isolation on 2 September. Covid itself was a few grim days before the vaccine worked its magic but I still feel run down and haven’t had the energy to get back on the bike until today when I took a ramp test. With rather disappointing results; I recorded a 27% drop!

For reference I am 57, a newbie, not very fit and only started cycling 12 months ago but have covered about 4,250 miles in my first year. Coincidentally I am fairly sure I picked it up cycling coast to coast but luckily symptoms didn’t start until after I finished.

Good luck with your recovery.