COVID Challenges

Right, so we all knowabout (and are bored to deth with) social distancing forced challenges such as Everesting. Anyone have any fresh challenge ideas for the remainder of this race-less season?

Here’s a couple from the venerable GCN crew:

Shout out to @team_bunty for being ahead of his time on the last one:

Some discussion about solo course challenges and CX hot lapping alone.

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Some interesting solo time trial and cross challenges have been happening around here since May. For example the TT folks setup a Strava group, then define a segment and you have all day on Thursday to go do it. Pretty loose definition of Time Trial, I think the first one was 90 seconds and another one was 5 laps of what would be considered an overpass (it was a “riser” along canal). And of course more traditional TTs were included.

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My team and I are putting together a fundraiser to see how many laps of our local training crit course we can do in a set period of time…not something that really applies universally, but sort of a TTT thing

I’ve been making neighborhood laps segments since early May for a summer alternative to our ill advised locals who many never stopped riding together in the thick of the pandemic. Will probably have enough segments to stretch it through September and I got prizes from Silca who is about 30 miles south of us.

At the beginning of every year my tri club hosts an “olympic challenge” where you have to complete an olympic distance every day for a week. The format isn’t super restricted, you can do the seperate legs throughout the day in any order etc. (I was halfway across the world in the middle of winter, so most of mine was indoors.)
Obviously pretty adaptable, but I think a multi-day challenge could be a good opportunity for those of us who are at home and have a little more time to spend on rest and nutrition.

Michelle Howe, my amazingly more-talanted-and-insane-than-me wife, is going for the Trenching Challenge on Mt. Lemmon starting SATURDAY at 10:30am starting from the pictured location.

It’s a quarter mile past the 4000ft sign heading up Mt. Lemmon, for anyone who wants to join!

I’m quite positive she’d love to have company or a draft!

I will provide bottle support from the imaged location for anyone who wants to do it or part of it with her. I have a fridge to keep your bottles cool, and unlimited sugar and sodium. And caffeine powder :wink: