Strava Coronavirus KOMpetition

Anyone’s local scene have one of these groups on the go?
I just joined and already a week behind. :persevere:

Funnily enough, I passed some dude today in full-on skinsuit race gear and I was all like 'Whaaaa?!". Checked the flyby…he bagged both KOMs. :roll_eyes:

I think this one is the OG:


I can neither confirm nor deny that I have once or twice gone KOM hunting on my TT bike w/ full-on aero gear setup.

:man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


Well…if it’s the only “racing” we have right now…


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I refresh the leaderboards on those segments multiple times a day. It’s the only racing happening right now.

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I think I should set this up in my area :smiley:

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Yes! Get ‘er done! :+1:

In my typical fashion of not finishing things I start I actually started building this concept as a website years ago. Tour de Strava style. Invite riders, nominate stages (segments) each with an allowed timeframe, then rank GC or point based results, all automagically using the Strava APIs

Shame I never finish things I start when there is no one cracking a whip!

This is really cool. I wish this was going on near me. I’m just a bit far outside the city

Try sending a segment nomination into your local group…make them city slickers ride out to your part of the woods for a change.


Well…this is going to be a bust. One of the dudes in my local KOMpetition is some honking fast teenager who’s been doing Euro races and winning national races. He’s a trackie built like a brick youknowwhat but he’s bagging a lot of uphill crowns. :unamused:

Ah well…even if I was 20 years younger there’s no way I could whoop his butt! :laughing: Still…penalty for being pro? :thinking:


Definitely going to need handicapping

Like in a points kinda way or in a Goodfella’s kinda way?? :astonished::thinking:


We may as well start that in my area. Myself and a couple of team mates have been going back and forth taking KOM’s on MTB trail sections in our local area. It’s so much fun! I go out and hammer myself on a tough trail section, get done and see that little crown and celebrate! Tomorrow my team mate gets off work in the afternoon and about an hour later i get the Uh-Oh! email from Strava. We’ve been having a blast even though we aren’t riding together.


Do it! I’d say it’s contagious fun but that’s probably the wrong word to use right now.

Start a group, see who else joins!

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I should consider creating a local group for fun. We are quite windy these days though, so it may turn into a gong show. I could have easily taken segments today by a large enough margin to ensure most can’t match, unless they had similar wind conditions.

All the good KOMs around London UK are usually from either chaingangs or domestics and sometimes flat out pro’s… but I accidentally got 6th on a segment and now I have my sights set on my first kom


We have three brothers (Hales Bros) doing the rounds in the North Cotswolds. KOMs are being collected on a daily basis. They’re sweeping everything up.

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Yeah, but I’m weeping up everything! :tired_face:

I hear ya on the pros vs joes…life ain’t fair.

However, in the KOMpetition, it’s not only about bagging crowns. It’s run on a points with a few different combos so even the joes have a fighting chance, as illusory as it may be.

My team is doing something similar. We’re picking a local segment at the beginning of the week. The person with the fastest time (alone) on the segment at the end of the week wins, and picks the segment for the following week. The person picking the segment can ride it, but can’t win (even if they have the fastest time that week). It somewhat levels the playing field and makes it so the same person can’t win every week.


Good idea. My group does 2 segs, one is usually a hill of some sort (30-60s), the other is flattish/technical (4-5min), so hopefully different winners for each segment, and each week. Oh, and unlike the UCI, there is a QOMpetition with the same full distance segments AND equal prizes! #2020

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