Corona training plan adaptation

Hi there, as a triathlete, i was building towards the duatlon European Championship on 19th april and Challenge Geraardsbergen 70.3 distance triathlon in the beginning of June. Of course both races have been canceled, and it’s impossible to hold a peak from now up until september/october/november. So it’s time to reschedule the annual training plan. in biking i was kind of getting inpsired this year by the Half Triathlon training plan on the trainerroad app. 2 weeks ago I was on the point of going from the build phase to the speciality phase. But since corona changed the season completely, I’m kind of considering to recapture the build phase from the beginning, trying to amplify my potential power output. Would be interesting to share some thoughts on this with other athletes trying to cope with these issues. Stay healthy and train well, Christophe

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