Cooldown on the bike before brick run?

Hi all,

I’m following the triathlon mid distance training plan. I was wondering, if you do a brick session do you do the cool down part (last 3-5 min of the indoor bike workout) on the bike or do you skip it and go straight to the brick run? Don’t know if it makes a huge difference but was wondering what other people do.

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I’ve done the cool down in the past (both with TR workouts, outdoor rides, and other coached plans). Bricks are used to get your legs used to running after riding. In my experience, the intensity at the end of the brick ride hasn’t made much of a difference.


No I don’t skip it, and there’s no training value in doing so.

And from a specificity point of view there’s always a bit of easy and transition before the run.

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Non-TR specific, but I would say it depends on where you are and the purpose of the brick. A base ride/threshold session followed by 15 minute run several months out? Sure, do the cooldown.

A couple of weeks before an “A” event such as a sprint or Oly where you’re going to be running fast off of essentially a threshold/SST effort? Skip the cool down and embrace the specificity.

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Awesome!! Thanks for the replies guys!