Skipping bike cool down during brick workout

I have my first brick on trainer road tomorrow starting with 60 minutes on pioneer and a 10 minute run. It looks like there is a short cool down for the last part of the 60 minutes. Should I skip the cool down and go straight into my run, or should I still do the cool down?

Treat the cool down like part of your transition. You wouldn’t fly off the bike at full speed in a race so take the cool down and don’t over think it.

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Depends what your race will look like and your goals? Will you take the last 5 minutes of the bike easy before transition? If not then you might want to jump off and start to get used to the sensation of running straight off the bike without letting your HR drop etc.

I would keep the short 3’ cool-down as is (you could also keep riding above target if you wanted to) and extend the brick run a little longer than 10’ to at least 15’ or maybe 20’ to really get a feeling of what happens with your legs if this is your first brick/you’ve never experienced running off the bike. At 10’ you might still be “shaking off the bricks” and not get a sense of what happens once that feeling clears off. The brick run doesn’t have to be hard either (especially for your first one) to get a feel for things. Just my $0.02 CDN… :smiley: