Tri Plan -- Running after bike but not a brick, is this okay?

Tomorrow I don’t have much time to get all of my workouts in (bike, strength and run). Tuesday I have a brick (1:30 Phoenix then 30 min brick)… I was thinking I would do my 1:00 ride (Mills) tomorrow and then right after do a 50 min run… does that seem like a bad idea to do one right after the other? Is it okay to turn the workouts into bricks and then also do a brick the next day?

I figured tomorrow it was ez running except for the last few uphill sprints, so I’d probably be okay. But wasn’t sure if I was missing something.


Definitely fine as long as it’s not two intense runs on consecutive days

perfect. thanks!!

For be past 5 months I’ve been running after almost every ride usually just 2-3 miles. Most of them nice and easy. You should definitely be OK. If anything I think they’ve greatly contributed to improving my running.

oh, that’s great!! okay. i wasn’t sure if I had to stick with the bricks as the only “after bike” runs… but thats really tricky with all the training.

Yeah as long as it’s zone 2 running it’s not nearly as stressful as the recommended bricks that are @race pace

Respectfully, I disagree.

If you’re turning a recovery run or short base run into a brick, maybe but if it’s a “quality” run then you are undermining the quality by biking beforehand.

It’s not the end of the world, of course :smile:

The OP says 50min run so I am assuming that it’s a basic foundation run and not a “quality” run especially given mills beforehand. Doing Mills plus a quality run would be a bad recipe.

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its 6x 20 sec sprint hills then 40 sec recovery after rpe 6 run

Those are basically strides to keep your fast twitch running awake during base phase. Doing a hard ride before this shouldn’t add too much stress.

All my rides are followed by runs. Usually 5-15 min separated to change and have a drink or something. Vo2 will wreck you though so be ready for a tough 50 min run

I hardly do any brick runs and avoid them almost completely after tough workouts like Mills. Gotta be careful, an easy 30 min jog after a an endurance workout is different to a 50min run w/ strides after a vo2max workout.

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Personally, I’d can it or make it a base run. Mills asks a lot of your body, sprints will just confuse the messaging.

I guess I had to experience Mills before that question… my legs are cashed. :flushed:


Question, what does a brick run entail?
Just curious as I have seen the term being used a lot on the forum

I completely disagree, doing that workout as questioned once or twice might be fine, but those uphill strides will eventually be replaced with billats, then 1 minute repeats, 3 min repeats, tempo on the same day of the week. Those workouts should be done fairly fresh and not on tired legs. Sometimes “tired” can be subjective, but doing vo2 bike to your hardest intensity day running can eventually be a recipe for disaster.

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I think we both are in agreement. He was asking about a one off so I was responding to the current workout. I agree with you, once you’re doing VO2 work you wouldn’t want those back to back.

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It’s just running pretty much immediately after a bike session.

Ideally you finish the TR work out, dismount, switch from bike shoes to run shoes and off you go.

You don’t want to leave too much of a gap between finishing the bike and starting the run or you lose the key benefit of the session: running with fatigued, heavy legs. Plus your body switching from supplying oxygen and fuel for bike to run exercise.

Some people really struggle, other people don’t - you don’t know until you try. My experience has varied, only sometimes has it been truly awful feeling. On race day my actual problem is running too hard at the start as I overcompensate for the heavy legs, it can take up to 7k for my run to feel normal again.

And this is the reason it doesn’t make much sense to do hard run intervals in a brick, it misses the point.

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Thanks for the extended explanation!

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