Cool down post evening ride

Hey All, I did some searching and couldn’t find any advice on this. I live in Seattle - so during the summer months I prefer to ride outside (sometimes TR workouts sometimes otherwise). However, these rides are usually after work, and will finish around 7/8pm.

What is your preferred method/advice for eating and cooling the body down post late ride so that sleep/HR is minimally affected?


I rode last night until 8pm. Normally I’m in bed around 8:30. consciously decided to eat a modest dinner at 4:30 and fueled the ride. Then immediately after the ride, dumped my remaining calories down the drain and didn’t eat anything else. Was a little warm when i got in bed at 8:45, but not so much so that I couldn’t cover myself up per normal, but AC had dropped the room temp to 71 already. Heartrate variability was on point. Heart rate dropped a little late, but it was stable the entire night.

Life factors mean I start my rides at 930pm

Need to be up in the morning so that means I need to be in bed thirty or so minutes after my workout.

The Ooler bed cooler has been my biggest factor in making this happen. Before the heat was just too much, but the bed cooler makes it happen.