Training in heat

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I ride way earlier in the am. Or I slow down a lot when it is crazy hot like it has been in GA lately.

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I’m just north of you in Western Ky lol!

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I ride crazy early when it’s going to be crazy hot. Lots of water. If it’s a long endurance ride, I will stop for a coffee (I normally don’t do that).

Heat affects everyone and it can be dangerous. The hotter it gets the more you need to backoff power and/or take longer to recover. I see it as my limiter as much as nutrition or time available for training.

The wheels came off for me when i overheated on 3rd loop of IMAZ. I couldn’t hold my watts anymore. I stopped at next aid station and asked to be doused with cold water and i put ice everywhere. Then a few minutes later, I was able to go back to normal target watts.

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