Nutrition for late evening rides

First time posting here. What a community and so much information. Great job TR!

I don’t know if someone asked this question before but any nutrition tips regarding late-night workouts? I put my kids to bed between 7:30-8PM and ride about an hour. What are you night owls eat before & after the workout? Recovery rides are easier to fuel but I especially find it hard to eat real food right after a threshold or VO2max workouts. I don’t wanna eat a big dinner and go to bed an hour later.

Sometimes I drink a bottle of recovery mix sometimes a bowl of cereal and bananas with low-fat milk. When I wake up in the morning I’m super hungry and eat a big breakfast. Not sure this is how I approach fueling myself. Thanks for your feedback!


Could you eat dinner with your kids before putting them to bed? Having an earlier meal with some extra carbs could mean you were fuelled for a workout in the evening, and would just need a recovery drink and a snack afterwards before going to bed.

Sometimes I’ve even eaten an early dinner at work, around 5:30 or 6 (we have a healthy takeaway restaurant nearby, or you could take something in) - so that when I get home I’m ready to workout by 8.

(There’s another discussion to be had about getting to sleep after a hard workout - worth looking around for podcast or forum topics on that.)


Same here with me. You describe a typical workout week for me. Can´t train before 0800pm on weekdays. So here is what I do. Threshold / Vo2max workouts I fuel with carbs up to 90 min before I start. Most efficient for me is porridge (oatmeal) or a slice of bread with honey and curd cheese or simply a Banana. During a workout I use an endurance drink ( still try to figure out wich one is “tasty” on the long run, after a few weeks I´m really fed up of these). At the moment it is SIS endurance drink. Post workout depends on the time I´m finished. Mostly it is a recovery shake, sometimes some nuts or cookies (easy carbs). Don`t want to eat to much before I go to bed. For endurance ride I only use hydro drinks during / after the ride. I dont fuel them and try to go low carb on these rides.


I have a similar routine at least 3, sometimes 4 times per week.

  • 5.30: wake up but try and hold off on breakfast until ca. 9.30
  • 9.30: big bowl of porridge with banana, mollasses, seeds, wheat germ
  • 12.30: decent sized lunch with loads of carbs
  • 17.00: an apple and 0.5kg of baked sweet potatoes before a go home from work
  • 20.00: start training. I always take in minimum 50g of carbs/hr on the bike
  • 22.15: post training smoothie with banana, spinach, oats, soya joghurt, mollasses, sunflower seeds, oats
  • 22.30(if I’m efficient): shower, bed, sleep

The carbs on the bike are key to stopping me from getting too hungry throughout the day, and if I don’t fuel on the bike I don’t get a proper nights sleep.


I often end up doing workouts 8-9pm, for these I’ll eat a normal meal with the kids at 6pm or just after depending what time I get home from work. Kids asleep by 7:30, giving me half hour to get changed and sort drinks etc. During the ride I’ll just drink an electrolyte mix. No need for additional carbs imo.

Post ride I’ll have a glass of milk and a bowl of cereal with fruit etc, nothing too heavy that late. Works fine.

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Thank you. Will add porridge to my nutrition lineup. Failed to mention I eat a PBJ sandwich on whole wheat toast maybe 90 mins before the workout. But a steel cut oatmeal with maple syrup should be more filling and cleaner.

Think I’ll try eating with kids and see how that goes. Thank you!

Dude you are a machine. Good ideas here too. Thanks for taking time to post the whole routine!

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One possibility is to split your evening meals. I do it sometimes and everything seems to work.
Eat half of dinner at about 6-7. Kid and wife go to sleep at 9-10 and then its training time for me. After that, I just eat the second half, have a shower and go to bed.

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Was thinking the same thing! I cannot currently eat that late at all, I simply don’t sleep properly, unless I’m actually starving, then it’s protein. I’m envious of all of you doing the workouts at this time, kudos!

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Yes I think this is key, I have a similar routine except I don’t have to get up until 7 so I can train at 9.30pm, I eat with the family about 6.30pm and then do honey on toast/gels/cake/whatever’s around my kitchen that needs eating on the bike. I drink the SIS electrolyte tabs. Then a recovery shake afterwards, I like SIS Rego, have it mixed in the fridge and grab it to drink during cooldown, and shower and bed asap.

I think all this food really helps being able to train indoors 3/4/5 times a week, week in week out, i.e. fuels the consistency.

One other thing that seems key to the evening training approach; I used to aim for a 500ml bottle of electrolytes every hour indoors, I have now cut this in half so one bottle for a 2 hour ride, because I was having to get up in the middle of the night to go to the loo. Now, I aim to go to bed feeling a bit thirsty still, which usually means I sleep through and wake up just before the alarm :+1:


I like your routine :ok_hand:. Realized I should also get better at managing my liquid intake before I go to bed.

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