Congratulations TrainerRoad!

50 million workouts is a tremendous achievement - @Nate_Pearson, you must be rightly proud of what you have created over the last few years.

I hope everyone at TR HQ is celebrating this landmark appropriately.

Here’s to the next 50 million…



Love Trainer Road.

Keep up the great work!

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And what percentage of those rides are Baxter, eh?


I’m proud of the team! I really don’t have to do much anymore :smiley:.

I just say “GO THAT WAY!” and they do!


Take out Nate’s Baxters and it’s only like 25,000,000 workouts.


Congratulations! What an incredible milestone!

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That’s a lot of data

I think the whole TR team should do Disaster to celebrate! @pwandoff will join you!


Come on @Nate_Pearson, give the people what we want! :joy:


@zwillis1 I’m like a pair of Wranglers - when and where

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I’m still looking through my summer race schedule to find a time for Disaster 2.0. Mid-July May be the only time to squeeze it in between races.

My A event is July 14 (Ride Around Torch in Michigan); I’m either going the century course or do a double metric, so anything a week or two either way probably won’t work. I’ll take a closer look and let me know. Disaster -2 might be a good option.

Edit - I just found Excelsior. Not high intensity but looks mind-numbingly awful.

Even more so, what percentage of those rides were compliant?

Is that 50M starts or 50M completions? :thinking:

I have owned my own business for 20 years. The best advice I ever received is,

  1. Hire the best people. Do not be afraid to hire employees smarter than you.
  2. Give the employees the tools to do their job. and lastly and maybe most important
  3. Get out of the way and let the staff do what you hired them to do.

I just started in December. I am 62 and love the program. Any thoughts on program adjustment based on your age. I doubt I should be doing the same intensity that you and others your age are doing.

Al Mihok

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I would talk to your doctor about doing intensity. I’m 37 and regularly get my checked to make sure everything is OK.

All depends on your underlying health. We have some incredibly fast 60+. There is a guy that old who wins the local TT overall sometimes

I want to second @mihok suggestions about an age adjustment of the workout. I am 67 and have two weeks into TR. I cannot complete any of the 1.5 to 2 hours of most of the workouts, especially Spanish Needle! My longest race is 34 minutes.
However, everything I read about training now, suggests TR is doing it the correct way.
Am I a wimp, or are other seniors seeing the same thing? BTW I workout every other day. I found I improve more that way, with a day off after a tough workout.

Just wanted to say that I always use my MacBook Pro for TR workouts, but was forced to come up with an alternate solution yesterday. My first time using the app on my iPhone, I was pleasantly surprised… the UX/UI is fantastic and (despite my skepticism) I was impressed with how you were able to fit everything in (including Coach Chad’s text). This might actually save me from lugging my laptop into the basement going forward!

Great product, great pod, keep up the good work!


Great job Nate and TR team - your creation is a game changer for lots of us. Keep going.

Not just Nate. Baxter (and variations) definitely my go do filler workout!