TrainerRoad Review Site is Up! (46,000,000+ rides in our system!)

We’ve built a review site. I know ya’ll aren’t probably looking for reviews, but if you have a second to leave us a (hopefully positive) review that would be great!


Side note: we now have over 46 million rides in our system. The review site has a live ticker. Every time you refresh it updates with our latest number. It’s pretty crazy how quickly it goes up, ya’ll workout a ton!


The ticker is addictive!!!


Awesome Nate!

Maybe you could build a TrainerRoad city and have your league of cycling minions power the lights.


@Nate_Pearson if the counter live updates when workouts are completed, why does it consistently index by 15 every minute…? Do you not show the true number unless the page is refreshed?

That is pretty crazy. Will definitely leave a review. The podcasts, customer service and new calendar put your company in a great position. These are only some of many positives.

I’m not sure what they finally settled on, but I believe what they are doing is querying the database on page refresh for the count of workouts, then it counts at a rate that we feel comfortable (probably underestimating it) while you’re on the page. Then when you refresh, you get the new count.

We wanted to make sure we were efficient with the call. We discussed a few different ways to do this and I think this was the final way. The engineer is out for the rest of today but I can look into it more tomorrow if you’re interested.


@Nate_Pearson I was just curious. I’m a nerd and was trying to figure out how many TR workouts would be completed daily/monthly/yearly based on the counter.


What’s the prize for the person who logs the 50,000,000 ride?

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Increased fitness



Need a t-shirt, “Proud Member of the TrainerRoad League of Cycling Minions.”

Styled after a trade union or superhero organization???


All wearing denim bib shorts.


Big data guys!
I would love to play with it.
This is what science wants for papers.

@Nate_Pearson Any chance you guys are going to use things like W’ for workouts and such???

Watching that number tick over is addictive.

I wonder what would happen if someone left a 1 star review? :thinking:

Scenes like this in TR HQ?


All of the workouts would just default to 60 minutes of VO2!


46m rides…how many calories have been burned and what does that equate to in @chad ‘s Big beers?

What percentage of those are FTP tests?
I will leave a review soon.

Joking aside, I tried to filter by review and there is only a 5 star option!

To be expected really, considering what a great offering trainer road is. Off to write a review that will soon be lost in a sea of positivity!