Huge gratitude for trainerroad. Fitness beyond my wildest dreams

Yesterday i did the whistler gran fondo forte ride. 152km from Stanley Park Vancouver up to whistler. 3100m of climbing including a 900m climb in the first 10km or so. By far my biggest climb ever. I’ve been riding less than 2yrs. Im 42, 6’4 and 90kg and my bike weighs 12kg. With trainerroad mid vol custom fondo plan for the last 4 months i was able to raise my ftp from 315 to 345 which left me at 3.8ish w/kg. My race goal was top 100 out of 550 registrants which i thought was a lofty goal going off previous years results and my weight. Somehow i pulled off 43rd. I felt so good on the climbs focusing on maintaining a high cadence and smooth rhythm, but always wondering whether id gone too hard. To be fair it was will power and perseverance that got me up the last 10km but that too has been trained into me with TR. Unfortunately my power meter died almost immediately so i went on feel and heart rate and my bike computer was acting up and missed 400m of elevation somewhere along the route. I also burned probably double the 2500 calories recorded. I couldn’t have done it without trainerroad. Id never trained with structure before and ill never train without it again. Fitter than I’ve ever been and can’t wait to get stronger and faster in the future.




Nice work fella!


Nice ride, Liam.

Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for all the hard work.

My experience with TR has been similar. Some folks love to point out TR’s flaws, but I think they’re exceedingly minor. For folks like myself, TR made coaching accessible and my fitness would’ve been much worse otherwise.


Training plans, it is not coaching, but I get the sentiment.


Amazing and an amazing result, well done.

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Awesome job – great to hear the fondo went so well!!

Keep up the good work! :muscle:


Ahhh!!! So SWEEETTTT! Congrats!!!


Great job .Congrats! Mind sharing your custom fondo training plan?

It’s in the plan builder. Go to custom plan builder and as you’re going through the options it asks you what you are training for. Select gran fondo.