Conconi invented FTP

And here I always thought it was my concept.

Besides, isn’t FTP “dead”, having been replaced by 4DP…er, my power profiling?*

*Even stupider is widely proclaiming “FTP is dead!”, then turning right around and continuing to use it.


But hey, they move away from power „zones“.

And the 1 million dollar question is if DTP is defined with exactly 1h???

PPP: They’re called levels and not zones for a reason.

PPP: The training levels are descriptive, not prescriptive.

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Best use for ChatGPT I have seen yet!


Beats the TP blogs

Sounds like the best sort of cycling to me - shame this Coggan character had to come along and spoil it all.

If only we could return to the [Madison Square] Garden.

“And when the cycling Gods saw that the cyclists had clothed their bikes in power meters, they were sore displeased, saying ‘thou hast eaten of the tree of FTP, whereof it was forbidden - thou art cast out, and must go forth and toil on thy trainers’. And there was much sorrowing in the land.”


That pricing is insane… $225-$675 per month. Yikes!

Pretty standard personalized coaching at the low to mid point. Upper half is out of the norm but not unheard of. For perspective the Fascat coaches range from $199 to $599 a month.

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Don’t you mean cheap…?

Embarrassingly, for Vaughters and his affiliated coaches, they still haven’t fixed their error. Don’t they realize how stupid such a mistake makes them look? (I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that it wasn’t intentional, like the unethical folks at Wahoo.)