EF launches coaching service with access to its staff and riders

Interesting from a pro cycling team business model - EF launches coaching service with access to its staff and riders

From the article:
Team EF Coaching is using a new concept they call Dynamic Threshold Power, or DTP. While Vaughters declined to spell out the fine details of how this is attained, he said the concept is to measure how a rider can perform multiple efforts before and after a long ride.

“DTP is a way to evaluate a cyclist’s performance based on 20 years of experience in cycling on what makes a rider fast, what makes a rider good, and what makes a rider perform at a high level,” Vaughters said. “In my experience, FTP is not that. There are lots of athletes who have very high FTPs who are not good cyclists; they are good at a 20-minute FTP test.”

DTP takes into account recovery, aerodynamics, anaerobic and aerobic power capacity, and more, Vaughters said.


Sounds interesting! Waiting for the regulars to weigh in.


very interesting business model. Goal is to sell 100-125 subscriptions ($4680-$7428/year) which would generate about $500,000 revenue the first year.


$425 / month for the “Core” program, $675 / month for the “Premium”.

LOL…I’m good with Trainer Road, fanks.


I’ve always wondered why Pro Tour teams don’t have paid fan clubs that give fans access to exclusive content / interviews with riders / etc. as a way to generate revenue, plus fan engagement / extra value for their sponsors.


Sounds more like something aspiring pro riders would want.

I already know that I suck! :joy:


You can get pretty good coaches for less than that, but they don’t have a WT team associated with them. At the rates that they are asking I would expect a pretty ‘hands on’ experience, but getting access to nutritionist, strength and PT advice is interesting.

I’m happy that EF is trying to figure out a way to make cycling make business sense.


Me, too. I am new to cycling and coming from an NFL background, pro cycling fandom is … Weird. I pay to watch races but it sounds like the teams don’t get a cut of broadcast dollars. And teams are sponsored by ridiculously rich benefactors or companies, some with shady provenance.

There is a group of people for whom this makes sense to buy. I wish my budget made me one of them :sunglasses:


thats what i thought as well, solid business move. you have it - why not sell the extra capacity

next solution - selling last seasons gear direct to fans. how much would you pay for Laclons sandals?


:nauseated_face: and I’ll pass on their bikes too


Those sandals belong in a museum.


Just wait till teams start changing hands (happens ever 3ish years) - you’ll love it!

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Leave for the group ride late and you’ll get this same experience


I already feel like I was conned into learning how to pronounce Deceuninck, for nothing.


5k a year?! So instead of being funded by ¨high-level fans via corporate sponsorship¨ they want to be funded by high-level fans directly?


Weirdly an ad has just now popped up on my insta for Ineos doing exactly that, selling “pro owned, but unused” kit.

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Same reason they don’t do fan kits: it’s not the done thing and the rule snobs would look down on it. I would love a modified fan version of EF or AG2R kit (but not the brown shorts).

I mean I get it. A rotation of ~100 rich dudes is probably more stable than relying on one rich dude.
Just the phrasing is a bit odd. ¨Giving fans something in return¨ and such. If you wanna get some money from rich dudes, fine, but don´t pretend that´s your average cycling fan lol.

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Horrible timing given today’s results for Rigo



yeah but Rigo will crush at my local 39-40 masters crit