Comparing workouts

This week I failed to complete Lamarck on Wednesday, while on Saturday Leconte was hard but doable.

Would these two workout normally be equally hard? Lamarck has less rest and does 4x10min @ 100% FTP, while Leconte goes on for longer with 6x10 min @ 98% FTP average, with quick spikes to 105%-110% FTP.

When I failed the 4th interval of Lamarck, it was as if my brain talked myself out of it and the legs were still able to keep going. Just did not have the will to continue. While for Leconte it also caused discomfort and I had doubts if I could complete the last one, but in the end there was enough motivation to complete it.

If these workouts can be considered equally hard, I might have found what works for me. As the biggest difference was the fuel. First workout I had a full bottle of water with 60g maltodextrin, while for the second workout, I did the same bottle with 60g of sucrose and 30g of maltodextrin and citric acid for taste. It looks like the fructose component is helping a lot in lowering the RPE of the workout.

To compare or not ?

It depends what workout you did the day before, how well you were recovered what additional stress going on, sleep, when did you workout?

Both workouts are tough Threshold effort. They take a lot of mental focus both need that mental fortitude especially as the toll of the workout builds up, that 2 % less might not sound much but mentally it makes the difference. The little spikes also make you concentrate differently it beaks up the workout and focus. Where flat 10’s are well FLAT.

Fueling, i always mix the BCAA with Fructose in 60/30 and it does make a difference. Caffine also helps with RPE and beetroot juice too. Worth experimenting with an hour before workout.

First workout was done after an active recovery day, second was done after a rest day. So for both I was fairly rested.

Was that a typo regarding BCAA’s? That”s a protein that is linked to reduce muscle loss when weightlifting in fasted stated.

Typo, Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin. - Just Pure Carbs.

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