Lamarck or leconte: which one is harder?

hi, everyone!

I’m doing SSBMV II and I’m currently in the final week.

I’m planning a long outdoor ride on the weekend, either saturday or sunday, depending on the weather forecast;but, before, I still have to do two hard workouts: Lamarck (1hour, 84TSS, 0.92 IF) and Leconte (1:30 hours, 123TSS, 0.9 IF)

I was thinking on doing the harder tomorrow and leave the “easier” one for the weekend, saturday or sunday. The thing is I can’t figure which one is more difficult, given that one has a higher tss and the other, a higher IF.

what do you guys think? which one do you think will be “easier” to do the day before/after a long ride?



“My Rides” of both workouts show that I’ve had more problems completing Leconte. I’ve learned to write in the comments how difficult I’ve found the rides or how I’ve handled them and they have helped whenever I’ve felt intimidated. Lamarck shows that I turned the intensity down to 98% a few times (smart trainer), but Leconte shows that I bailed a couple.

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I’ve struggled with Leconte every time, Lamarck should be hard but doable if your ftp number is set properly.
That being said I have done Leconte the day before a state championship race ( cuz of Covid it was up in the air of happening) . I can’t say I raced the best I could have but I did place 6 out of 20. In my own opinion if it was the other way around it all depends. I would probably make sure I ate in a surplus and slept very well for those days.

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Leconte is harder by a country mile based on my own experiences. Finishing that with a full pull is worthy of a massive “YES!!!” once I hit the cool down.

For reference, here is how TR sets them with the new Progression Levels:



Considering IF and Duration (not to mention TSS and KJ), along with the new PL’s, it seems pretty clear that Leconte should be more difficult. But like anything, some riders may find the opposite for any number of reasons.


Lamarck for me. But I think I psyche myself out for it.

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Thanks everyone for your replies and for sharing your experience!on paper, and as @nju001 1 , @Foodpedaling, @mcneese.chad say, it seems that leconte is harder; although I agree that it might be different for some riders: reading @russell.r.sage reply, i believe lamarck seems to need a lot of focus in order to achieve the 4x10 intervals!

i will think about it this evening…but I think I’ll go for Leconte tomorrow and leave lamarck for the weekend!

@mcneese.chad : very useful to use the new progression levels for solving these kind of doubts!
thanks everyone!