Minor Crash - Build plan starts tomorrow - What to do?

Hi All,

Had a minor spill this morning on some black ice. I was doing my final endurance ride of my taper week. Came off at the start but still managed 1h30m zone 1/2 ish.

I am meant to be doing a ramp test tomorrow but i’m a bit stiff and it’s painful to walk. I could ride, ish, but would probably struggle with anything too serious. I’ve done SSB1 MV 1&2 and then repeated SSB MV 2 in January so ready to build…

So some advice on options would be appreciated:
How long should I rest? Till I can’t feel any muscle strain? Or just give it a couple of days and do an easy ride?

Should I do abother taper week and start the build next week? Or shall I do one Endurance ride and then a ramp test later in the week?

I don’t want the fact that my next ride is a test putting me off riding, but then i’m also fresh and ‘ready’ for the test. I don’t want to sell myself short and take it too easy for the next 4 weeks becasue I couldn’t get the power out…

Other option… Skip the test, rest a bit and then do a mix of rides this week and then bump ftp by 5% (the same as my pre christmas gains doing SSB 2) and carry on with the plan and see if I can cope. My next ramp test will be in 4 weeks.


It depends on how sore you are, and what age you are (which influences how quickly you’ll recover). But if you are having trouble walking, probably best to at least skip the ramp test tomorrow, and if the pain persists - and if you have flexibility in your calendar - maybe even push everything by a week.

I’ve left week-long gaps between my phases for situations like this - although hopefully not a crash, but for other schedule disruptions.

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Push it at least a day, if not the whole week. If you want to see how the crash had affected you, do an easy (very easy) recovery ride. Dans, Lazy Mountain or Obelisk are all sub 55% FTP. If you aren’t feeling great on those, push it back and see if you can up the intensity as the week goes on.

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Thanks for the responses. I have a week between build and spec so I’m ok to push if I need to. I might give it a couple of days and then do another easy ride as suggested.

I’m 32 wih reasonable fitness (3.98W/kg and I really wanted to get it to 4… :smile:) Should be ok by midweek but family dog walk today was hard.

I wish I had just done the ride inside like I had planned!

:exploding_head: 3.98 is not “reasonable fitness!”

Thanks - I guess you’re right. It helps that I’ve lost a tonne of weight and i’m obsessed with cycling at the moment…

Cheers for the advice- Lazy Mountain added to the plan on Tuesday and I’ll see how I am. Ramp test penciled in for Thursday after work but my wife might have something to say about that seeing as it’s valentines day…

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Standard rounding protocol will get you to 4.0😜