Collatoral benefits of TrainerRoad

#1 I haven’t crashed yet. :grin:
#2 No drivers have thrown anything at me
#3 No automobiles have run into me
#4 No dogs have chased me
#5 I get to spend time with the fam during my workouts without feeling guilty about dropping them
#6 Just being proximal to TR workouts has re-ignited an interest in fitness in my house


#7 I don’t have to clean my bike after every ride!


I’ll assume the two major benefits of trainer apps in the general populace would be higher fitness and lower automobile-caused injuries. Health & safety. :+1:


#8 I can safely listen to music.
#9 No punctures
#10 No aero penalty for non-aero bike
#11 Rim brakes aren’t worse than disc brakes on a stationary trainer. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


#12 No helmet required.

#13 Cycling naked won’t get me arrested. :flushed:


#14 Can play with my dog while riding my bike
#15 If I feel like bonking the next snickers is like 3 meters away


#16 TV time

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#17 training didn’t suffer while the outside AQI (air quality) was unsafe

Captain_doughnutman I hope you suitable cream or a very soft saddle :flushed::see_no_evil::thinking:

What?! – No "winning races?"

I only signed up for TR in…maybe end of Sept? Last victory was in August. Haven’t raced since joining. So, sample bias, but anyhow cycling is a tough sport: I may never win again. Doesn’t mean TR isn’t working. :wink:

#18 I can convince myself I’m faster than I really am.
#19 I feel slightly less daft wearing lycra.

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Collateral side effect of TrainerRoad :slight_smile:

  1. The finished basement (pain cave) in my house smells like the locker room at my hockey rink.
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