TrainerRoad Works, I am amazed!

I’ve started TrainerRoad in October 2019 and have only trained inside every since.

Today, is the first time I went outside an man what have I improved, I couldn’t believe it (yes, I checked wind speed and direction).

Immediately, I could easily peddle 35km/h (instead of 29-3) without my HR going up extremely. And the part about repeatability is also really true. I had a couple of wind sections, and after that my legs quickly felt fresh again, where previously I would struggle and my power would slowly drop over time.

Really, this only motivates me to train even harder and stick to TR training plans.
TR is great!!


great :slight_smile:

ssshhhh don’t tell anyone else though


ill keep it quiet… :shushing_face:


Yeah, I don’t race but started TR Feb 2019 just because I wanted to be a fitter cyclist with what bike I had and not fall into the trap of buying a better bike to accommodate my lack of fitness ie dying on hills. While I’m still far from being as fast and as strong as I want, I’m definitely a better and fitter cyclist than what I was before when I did go out for group rides a few times. TR made even just basic outside rides more fun for me because my fitness wasn’t lacking whether it was rolling hills, sustained hills, windy sections, etc. I have to actually slow my pace down or stop and wait for my coworkers now for our occasional after work group rides when they would always leave me behind before. Cycling is just so much more fun now.


Congratulations!! Speed = Pleasure :smiley:

What plans did you follow? I am having the same goal and currently midway through SSB LV 2. I did an outdoor ride today to test my fitness and haven’t noticed a huge difference. Hard to go over 30km/h without raising HR too high at the moment but I am starting to notice subtle differences such as my HR not skyrocketing while in sweetspot like it used to before.

Oh and I live in an area with saw-tooth terrain so it is very difficult to stay in zone 2 while riding outdoors. My rides are mostly distributed among endurance, tempo, sweetspot and threshold zones.