TrainerRoad review

Hey guys, UK-based TR user here. I’ve been on the platform for 12 months and can honesty say it’s been the single biggest thing to transform my cycling and take it to a whole new level. I just wish I hadn’t recommend it to all of my riding buddies as now they’re all getting faster too!

I’ve written a review of our favourite training app in my blog / online magazine, *The Obsessive Cyclist’, so thought I’d share the review including my results with you all, which you can find here:

I’d really welcome any feedback, and of course feel free to share the review with others, to spread the word of just how great the TR platform is.



Thanks for writing such a glowing review! I’ll share your article with the team :smile:.


That was probably a wise decision to share. Otherwise they wouldn’t improve too and probably you had to ride solo righ now. :slight_smile:

Great write up Tom!

If I may suggest a few edits, it’s always best to avoid acronyms others may not understand (or to spell them out). For example - I don’t know what an ASBO or a USP are.

I don’t mean to be critical. Just trying to help improve what is already a fantastic write up!


Hey Pbase, thanks for the kind words and also for the really valuable feedback. You make a great point on the acronyms, and I’ve already gone ahead and tweaked the article accordingly.

ASBO is a UK term which is basically a restraining order placed by the authorities for anti social behaviour, so there’s another learning for me there: avoid terms that don’t translate to other countries. Currently about half of the traffic to the site is coming from the US!

Thanks again I appreciate it!


Ha! I’ve been told TR has made me anti-social when I ride with Coach Chad and skip the cold and rainy Saturday morning group ride!


Ha - yep I’m with you. We’re in the depths of winter here in the UK and fair to say I’ve been riding indoors with Coach Chad a lot more than anyone else recently!