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[quote=“KorbenDallas, post:1, topic:80308”]inflammation down

This is beyond inane. How in the world does he measure his levels of “inflammation”? Additionally, inflammation =/= bad.

Huberman is a quack and should not be taken seriously.

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In what way is Huberman a quack? Not defending, but that is not the impression I’ve formed.

Good lord…IDK. I didn’t ask.

Calling someone stupid just adds so much to the thread. Thank you Mr. Sport Endocrinologist.

I didn’t call him stupid. I said that his claim was stupid. There’s a difference.

However, instead of being snarky, I will explain myself for this and the above. I generally have a problem with those who proselytize misinformation in the health, fitness, and nutrition industries, often for personal gain (the dentist isn’t benefiting in this, but work with me). I think that many of those pushing these unsubstantiated claims are preying on the insecurities of those who are honestly doing their best to be healthier. It pushes a narrative of “more more more” and never being good enough. In parallel, there is an unregulated, incredibly expensive industry tailored to filling these theoretical needs. For example, I searched how much a cryotherapy session costs in my area and it’s $45 for 3 minutes. That’s absurd. Add in travel time, potential parking costs…but am I missing on something? The perfect is the enemy of the good.

Regarding Huberman, I think he is sensationalist regarding conclusions of studies and is predatory in the manner I just described. He walks the line between scientific honesty and selling out to make that bag. For example, he has a recent podcast alllllll about supplements. He of course provides the disclaimer that he isn’t a doctor blah blah and then provides specific dosing recommendations. He fails to provide a comprehensive list of conflicts of interests and has the podcast interspersed with adverts for companies purporting to fulfill the perceived deficits he’s creating. Why do I need a supplement to “support healthy hormone levels”? Either my body is gonna do it, or I have a disease requiring medical attention. I’m going to attempt to listen to his 4+ hour podcast about sex hormones and fertility, but I’m not sure I can endure it, even at 2.5x.

When it comes to preclinical neuro-ophthalmology, I’m sure he’s solid. Beyond that, I fear he uses his platforms and title for personal gain. Mehmet Oz was a seriously talented cardiothoracic surgeon.


Thank you!

I actually think that Huberman is probably more honest than most in this space. I’ve listened to a few of his podcasts and honestly, I can’t take 1-2-3+ hours for what he could have condensed into 20 minutes.

The biggest probably though with this whole health and wellness space (even the ones ‘based on science’) is that they latch on to minor outcomes or correlations in underpowered studies and then build a brand preaching about whatever it is.

People like Dr. Oz are in a whole other category of quacks. He’ll try to sell you negative ion pajamas.


Are they any good ?

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Is that the guy out of back to the future :wink:


No, Doc Brown was the real deal!