Coffee - Show us your set up

I think most people consider 18 to 20g of ground coffee single.

Everybody is different but I believe that general consensus is a single dose is ~8-12 g and a double dose is ~17-20g.

ECM Synchronika Espresso Machine With Flow Control, ECM V-Titan 64 Grinder. Fully plumbed, water and waste.


Yes, i am aware.

My point is that most people do double for a number of reasons… One been that is very much harder to pull a good single shot using less grounds.

Expanding on that using more is probably giving people more tolerance, thus keeping you away from the cliff edge…

The cliff edge… My understanding is that sometime using less grounds will cause the water to extract more out of the coffee than desirable, things like that can cause bitterness…

Dosage depends of the coffee you are extracting from thus there isn’t really a right weight as you have expressed it’s very variable…along with your water temperature, hotter and you get more extracted from the grind…grind size … it goes on and on…

Alright now this thread has re-piqued my interest.
Let’s talk plumbing. What did you go with? I’m currently running a Expobar Brewtus IV-R which is built for plumb in, but i’m running it off a 20L water jug in the bottom of a cupboard.

The cupboard sits above our mechanical room which does have all of the water lines, etc. there so if I can drill through the bottom of the cupboard I’ll be in the room with ability to plumb stuff up. What did you go with setup wise for your purification/softening? I’m trying to decide what I need and cost is like 2k.

I went with a BWT Water Filter system. Nice writeup here

I got a pro for the plumbing, which includes drilling the quartz tabletop, plumbing in the waterline, filter system installation, and plumbing waste line into the home wastewater system. You are looking at around $1000 USD (includes all equipment and labor) depending on where you live.

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