Too much coffee?

I’m sure I’m not alone here, but maybe I’m drinking too much coffee. Wife recently got me a burr grinder and French press so I’ve been working on my mandatory coffee snobbery and finding myself drinking the equivalent of 4 cups a day (2x16oz mugs).

Grinds wise I’m running between 40-50 grams per day as I experiment with various ratios of grinds:water and playing with steeping times.

So, how big of a problem is this really, if at all?

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Not possible.


That’s not too much. I drink four shots of espresso and a 20oz coffee every morning. Then if I want another in the afternoon I go from there. It’s coffee, no booze or heroin. You’ll know if you’ve had too much because feeling anxious/feel your hair growing sort of thing. Just stop drinking it by a certain hour so you can sleep at night.

2 mugs-full of coffee (good coffee no less) a day sounds rather reasonable and restrained.

If you were drinking 6 or 8 extra large cups, then it might be time to back off.

What’s the caffeine content?

4 cups? Rookie numbers…


Not a problem. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along.


Back to the lab for more press testing! :v:t4:

Too much coffee is definitely a thing. I was doing essentially 32oz everyday. Too much caffeine! I was short with my daughters, high anxiety in the mornings and a mid-afternoon crash. When I would wake in the night, it took me an hour to get back to sleep.

I’m about a month into progressively switching to decaf and the improvements in temperament, sleep, and patience with my daughters are dramatic. If I have caffeine in the morning, it’s now a moderate dose (like a single espresso). I’ll do caffeinated Tailwind during morning workouts, and that doesn’t bother me since I work it off.

I’d encourage anyone consuming this much coffee to cut back and see if it makes a difference apart from your riding. It’s bound to help your overall well-being, my n=1.


I’m a teacher…there is no such thing as to much coffee, especially if you are a teacher and a cyclist! - still can’t stay awake Friday evening and I drink about 8 mugs a day…if I went for decaf I would be a door mouse! :sleeping:

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You’ll know it’s a problem if you start feeling off. But like bonking, you won’t know your limits until there’s no take-backs.

Like yourself, I’m at highest risk of getting sick or nauseous when I get obsessed with calibrating a new set of equipment, or experimenting to taste the entire range of a special bag of beans. I don’t like waste so I consume everything. I also can’t put things down when I start something, so I’m drinking several dozen espresso shots in the course of a few hours.

Once I’ve crossed the line I begrudgingly wrap it up and wait for the day to pass, and continue the next morning if the experiments were left open.

16 or 17 to 1 ratio is my go to. I think it depends also on what you are drinking and how as well.

Personally I only do 10 ounces of drip on my moccamaster or v60 and maybe have a shot or two of espresso on the cafelat robot. The latter is only on weekends.

More than 4 cups per day is not recommended. Then it is possible to get the jitters and heart arrthymias.

I was expecting this to be like walking into an AA meeting but I feel like I made a wrong turn and ended up at a Russian wedding :rofl:

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I’m confused by the question…too much? Unless in double digit cups per day then rookie! Lol

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I was doing 2x 100g jars of instant a week plus a couple of filtered a day …that was too much!
Ended up with constant palpitations and awful sleep.
Now I only have decaff and have just discovered my local M&S do ground decaff… woo woo!
Now if I can just cut my sugar intake😬

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Well, it will not be a problem if you reduce the number of cups. Otherwise, you can expect problems with urination, heart, blood pressure, etc. The caffeine as a supplement doesn’t do the best job with your body

Too much coffee?

I don’t understand the question.

I dont see a problem, only a solution.