Which volume training plan for a relapsed cyclist with time to train

I’m a long time user of TR but have not done much if any cycling in the last year. When using the build a plan feature it recommends the low volume plans. However I currently have enough time to train for 60-90 minutes most days. Since I am training for fitness/weight loss and not an event should I:

  1. Stick to the low volume and not do other rides on the scheduled off days?
  2. Do the mid volume training plans instead?
  3. Do the Low Volume Plans and then use the train now feature on non-scheduled days to add fill in the remaining days in the week.
  4. Do something different.

Think i’d make it up as you go and ride how you feel for as long as you can, for a few weeks… see where you are type of thing.

or see what Train Now offers.

3, ride outside if possible to get some vitamin D but make it easy enough to complete your 3 workouts. Low volume plus zone 2 is always a good pick IMO.

Also you could do mid volume and skip the Sunday sweet spot workout and do an endurance ride instead.

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You might find that a LV plan is more intense than a MV plan. I did mainly because I do outside riding at the weekend and the LV plan has 3 HIIT sessions during the week. The MV plan I was doing before that had 2 HIIT sessions book ending a LIIT session and I was substituting as weather/ lockdown allowed with outdoors rides at the weekend. With the 3 midweek HIIT sessions I found my outside form dipped so Ive changed to a hibrid LV plan substituting the middle HIIT session for a LIIT one and riding outside with friends at the weekend or occasionally using TN.

Midweek I add an ‘Time Off’ annotation and swap in a endurance/TN session and hopefully it keeps AT working, it seems to anyway :exploding_head:

Highly recommend #3 and adding either TrainNow rides or Z2 rides in or outside. If you choose MV, I’d strongly recommend following the weekly tips and swap the Sunday SS for the longer endurance ride. If you choose MV, I would recommend erring on the side or rating your rides harder rather than easier.

I’m actually doing MV traditional base right now. And extending some of the long rides when doing outside. I love it. Some people say it’s boring. But I’m riding lots and generally feel fresh. So take a look at traditional base MV or HV if you have the time and the will power to stick to the plan.

If you’re only just back on the bike, I’d probably just ride however you like for a bit- see where your fitness/headspace is at, get a sense of how your body responds to different kinds of rides, maybe clarify any performance/health/enjoyment goals you have ( the last one probably isn’t vital, but can help with choosing a plan and getting back into a routine)

LV+ Endurance is a great option IMO and gives you a bit of flexibility, but if you have the time and want to ride more then one of the polarized or TB plans might also be a good fit!

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