Changing Train Now workout recommendation between devices

Sometimes upon waking I like to check my TR app on the iPhone to see what my Train Now recommendation is. However upon finally getting on my trainer and opening the TR app on the iPad a different workout is shown. While usually the same category of recommendation but often structured very different despite being the same planned time. Anyway to make sure I see the same workout on both devices unless i specifically ask for another recommendation? Sometimes I really have to psych myself up for the threshold workouts and to see something different pop up is frustrating. Thanks

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This is normal and expected behavior. Keep in mind that TrainNow is using basic info about your recent training history to recommend 3 separate workouts. They are loosely aimed at being beneficial and “Productive” in a broad sense, but should not be considered some exact or precise prescription.

On any given day and conditions, there are many workouts in the TrainerRoad library that could work for a rider. As such, they have provided the [Refresh] button that allows a quick swap of all 3 workouts shown. This function along with the reality that there is no “best” workout in the general sense that TrainNow address, so you will see different recommendations on different devices as the norm, not the exception.


What you can do when you check on your phone and ‘choose’ the workout for later you can schedule it at that time so when you put your PC on you can still do the one.

I know what you mean with this comment. The same workout doesn’t even come up even when you refresh on a different device.


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@mcneese.chad nailed it – TrainNow takes a look at your most recent training history and recommends Productive workouts based on that. As Chad said, we have thousands of workouts to begin with, so there will probably be multiple workouts that would be a good fit for an athlete at a given point in their training. Because of this, TrainNow workouts that get loaded on different devices may not be the same. Refreshing your TrainNow page will similarly shuffle the workout options you are presented with.

@sharkin73 has a good tip for when you find a workout you’d like to do! If you happen to be “browsing” TrainNow on one device and you see a workout that looks appealing, you can click on it and schedule it on your TR Calendar so you won’t “lose” it later on.

You can also choose the type of workout you’d like to do for the day and use Workout Alternates to choose something different that will still be Productive and hit the training zone(s) you’re looking to target if the TrainNow option doesn’t quite tickle your fancy.

Here is our TR Support article on TrainNow if you’d like some additional tips:

Hope that clears things up – feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!

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