iPad and iPhone apps recommend different workouts

Hi all

Is there any way to have the TR apps on separate devices Recommend the same workouts.

I often look at my iPhone app during the day , see what is Recommended and then when I setup to ride in the evening using my iPad app , the Recommended workout is not the same.

Is it possible to sync apps across different devices?


If you’re talking about TrainNow then yes, these are random. It’s best to schedule the one you like during the day for the evening, so your iPad has that same workout already on its calender.


Thank you, much appreciated

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Glad I could help

Are they truly random? They don’t use AI to give you what “you need”

Each device has its own IP and unique, logged-in, secure session in the app. So, it’s treating each device login as a new request for TrainNow recommendations. It’s looking at ride history and recommending 3 options that are based on the ride history.

Just like if you hit refresh for 3 more options on device one, in a separate login on device two, the first 3 may be different. However, they’re still based on the ride history in the (same) account.

It’s a truly dynamic one-time request and answer.

I’m 100% guessing here. As you can tell.