Differences in TrainNow recommendations between Android and PC

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Was looking at TrainNow on the Android App with a “Recommended” workout of Endurance 2.1 (Homer’s nose). If I go on the website and do TrainNow I get a “Recommended” workout of Attacking V02Max 2.6 (Pope). I will probably do neither opting for a more threshold/sweet spot workout, but just curious if the app or the website is the “source of truth” (if there is such a thing).


The web site (chrome on windows), the windows app, the Android app all give different train now recommendations. They are give the same type of exercise to do and something around what my progression level is. Sticking with achievable for endurance but swapping between achievable and productive for the other two.

I don’t think the exact workout matters so guessing this is correct behavior. Though maybe the sub types matter? I do wish there was a way to have with bursts in the train now it’s there is no reason I shouldn’t go with that


Yup, considering that TR gives is a “Refresh Workouts” button that serves as a sort of “shuffle”, you can get different (and eventually the same) workouts across all their platforms. As mentioned, the suggestions within the general recommendations have a range of the given training area:

  • Endurance is just that, Endurance.
  • Climbing is Tempo and Threshold.
  • Attacking is VO2 and Anaerobic.

You get to pick from 3 key options that can and do vary within a defined and filtered set of options determined by TN. The point is that there are several possible workouts within the TrainNow universe that may work for you. TN is offering from within a Duration limit and what it thinks might be appropriate based upon your recent training history. It’s not tracking towards a planned end goal like a training plan, just shooting for fitness in general.

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As @enki42 and @mcneese.chad helpfully mention, TrainNow should recommend Workouts in the same category (Climbing, Attacking or Endurance) across different platforms, for any given day. The specific Workout may differ though. Because of our vast library, there are many Workouts that will be productive for you on a given day. You can use the refresh button to show you even more Workouts in our library that would be a good fit.

It sounds like you are being recommended Workouts in different categories across platforms for a given day. This is not the intended functionality. When I look at your account from my end, I see that you are recommended Endurance workouts in both the app and on the website today. Considering this is not what you see, it leads me to think that the the app is not syncing with our servers on your end.

To prompt the app to sync with our servers, I’d suggest that you log out and back into the app on your Android device and subsequently the website. It’s also worth making sure that you have a strong connection to the internet.

Let me know if that allows you to see Workouts recommended in the same category across platforms. If you have questions, please shoot them this way!

Thanks for the response. It was recommending the same category (Climbing, Attacking or Endurance) as it was recommending Endurance. Endurance was always something that was achievable. The other two (Attacking and Climbing) were alternating between achievable and productive as what they were targeting.

I don’t know if the sub categories for attacking and climbing are kept the same for the workouts it recommends or if its just any workout in a certain PL range.

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the response - yes - I was seeing recommended workouts in 2 different categories. I suspect that it was a refresh issue like you suggest. On Sunday I pulled up the android app for Trainnow which said Endurance. The next morning on Monday I checked the website and it said VO2Max and when I checked the app it was still saying Endurance. But I do not think that I had shut down the app or restarted the phone in the interim. So the app was likely thinking it was still Sunday or otherwise did not refresh.

Not a big issue and easily fixed with stopping/starting the app.

Thanks again for your response.

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Oh great, that’s as intended then!

TrainNow Workouts will always be either “Achievable” or “Productive”. You can be suggested Productive Endurance Workouts through TrainNow. The specific difficulty is based on your most recent TrainNow workouts, along with your non-TR/unstructured rides. It is likely that you are consistently suggested those Endurance Workouts after more intense Workouts?

Gotcha! Yeah, give those steps a shot and let me know if you continue to run into the issue! :+1: